Things to Do


Larcomar is a shopping center in Miraflores located in the top of a cliff, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. There are shops, restaurants and activities for small children.

Plaza de Armas in Lima

Once considered the heart of old Lima, this grand plaza features many important architectural monuments and buildings including a magnificent bronze fountain dating from 1650, the Archbishop's Palace with its elegant balconies and the Government Palace dating from 1924.

Paragliding on the coast of Lima

The city of Lima has a vantage point paragliding: You can fly with experienced instructors in a site that offers spectacular views over the city, the Larcomar shopping center, the beach and the Pacific Ocean. The takeoff is very easy, and within minutes your feet will be floating on the earth to feel like a bird.

Park of the Reserve

In its facilities is the Magic Water Circuit, which holds the Guinness Record 'Complex World's Largest Sources in Public Park'. Its 13 sources Lima and surprise visitors with a stunning spectacle that combines water, light and color ".


Machu Picchu

(southern Quechua pikchu machu, "Old Mountain") is the contemporary name given to a llaqta (old Andean village) Inca built in the middle of the fifteenth century on the rocky promontory that connects the mountains Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu in the shed Central Cordillera oriental, southern Peru and 2490 m (altitude of the main square). Its original name was Picchu or Picho.